Technology in Medicince

I love hearing how technology is improving lives!

A recent development in medical science has recently been unveiled. I was browsing Google News only to find..

“First drug to slow Alzheimer’s Disease unveiled in landmark breakthrough” the full story is on the Telegraph website.

The “landmark” drug could be available within the next three years after medical trials showed that it prevented metal decline by one third.

What’s Going To Be The Next Media?

We’ve had html 5.0, we’ve had web video and we’ve even had business cards – yes your business on  card! :)

What do you think will be the next media?

My brain Storm Ideas:

  • 3D/Holographic
  • Next generation mobile technology
  • Wearable technology
  • Pet technology (get your pets to advertise)

Good on Jimmy Wales – Inspirational Entrepreneurs

I’ve just read this post about Wikipedia’s founder Jimmy Wales:

“Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales is launching a new social network and phone service in the U.S. on Tuesday, and it’s all designed to make it easier for the everyday person to support their favorite cause.”

I like reading about inspirational people, making business decisions to benefit others.